Thursday, December 15, 2011

Screenprint Greetings!

Becca and Marty assist 2 of the over 500 people at the popular event.
Crystal Polis holds her screenprinted card.

This month's "MAKE + TAKE" event brought out many first time screenprinters. Over 500 guests streamed through the studios—each had a hands-on project to make and take. Screenprinting offered a 2-color vintage inspired reindeer postcard, printed on French Poptone "Snocone" paper (coincidentally the same sheet as the 2012 Letterpress Calendar covers). Photos by Anqixue Xue.

Anqixue Xue and Marty at the teal station.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Walk on Warhol

"Daily News," c. 1967, screenprint on paper

Run, don't walk to Headlines, the Andy Warhol exhibition now on view at the National Gallery of Art. Warhol's fascination with the news, celebrity and tabloid headlines is the central theme of the show, but there is much more to see for fans of screenprinting. The artist consistently and adeptly pushes the boundaries of the medium. He printed on crumpled mylar, in gigantic proportions and in unexpected and delicious color combinations, as seen in the "Daily News" promotional poster image.
The show is up until January 2, 2012.

Print portfolio cover, an exquisitely simple design of 2 hits of silver on white book cloth.

A self portrait starts the show.