Thursday, March 6, 2014

Delightful Differences

"Void", detail

January's Denbo fellowship artist was Corwin Levi. Along with his wife Yumi Blackwell, Corwin creates drawings, paintings, sculpture, and video that undulate and interweave, creep in to small spaces and pop out of paper. And so it was the flexible medium of screen printing that the artist wished to learn, to bring a strong saturation of color to his Void sculpture series. His enthusiasm for screen printing happened immediately:

Franc Rosario and Corwin Levi      
"Pyramid Atlantic offered me a Denbo fellowship for January, which I happily accepted. I have been making installations with a series of printed poems turned into three dimensional installations using a garden-variety inkjet printer, but was curious to see what I could do with screen printing instead. I immediately noticed a tremendous difference in the quality of the work. The screen prints were saturated with vibrant color, they had slight and delightful differences in each print, and their energy transformed the work. The fellowship not only offered me a chance to do screen printing but also introduced me to the medium with the help of talented technical assistant Emma Ringness. I plan on continuing these techniques and am excited to see how they look at an upcoming show in Portland, OR. The Denbo fellowship is a wonderful opportunity and screenprinting an equally amazing medium and they are both very much appreciated." —Corwin Levi

"Void" sculpture
Corwin's screen printed type spirals.