Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's all in the Details

Shepard Fairey, Station to Station 1, Silkscreen and mixed media collage

Station to Station, detail
"Recent Editions", the current collection now on view at Pace Prints in the gallery-centric Chelsea neighborhood of New York includes three intricate large scale screen prints. The favorite of this blogger is bad boy, erstwhile graffiti artist Shepard Fairey, who deftly demonstrates his design chops and craftsmanship. His prints are layered with newspapers, icons, ephemera and ticket imagery, and then topped with his trademark red and black screen printing. While his Obama Hope poster is his most controversial and famous work, he shows to be a versatile and extraordinary printmaker.
Ryan McGinness, Dark Energy, Silkscreen
Dark Energy, detail

Ryan McGinness's spyrograph-inspired Dark Energy is certainly energetic, but definitely not dark. The extra large work (60" x 40") is a feat of precision and stitching—a kaleidoscope of multicolored whorled spirals and flourishes. We can't help wondering how many different screens were burned and pulls necessary to make this colossal work.

Kenny Scharf, FaceFacts yellow #1, Silkscreen with cast paper, hand-painting and Swarovski crystal
FaceFacts, detail

And finally, Kenny Scharf's buoyant piece— complete with 3D goofy kitsch—follows suit. His large print is replete with layered details of iconography of the 50s and 60s. A nice list of printmaking methods is included on Pace's website.



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