Sunday, December 1, 2013

Laura's Aurora

The eery green ink changes color with the light and paper angle.

It's holiday card season in the screen print studio, when special treatments such as metallics, sparkly paper and that extra something are called for. When Laura Kinneberg was commissioned to design and print a greeting card featuring the aurora borealis, she knew she wanted to capture its iridescence. Enter Interference, a special paint by Golden, whose website states: Interference acrylic colors offer a unique "interference flip." When viewed from different perspectives, the colors flip between a bright opalescent color and its complement. Laura adds "It works best on dark paper." The pigment must be mixed with, what else? Golden's silkscreen medium, which can also be the vehicle for other paints when the regular line of screen print colors does not fit the bill. We know the client will be thrilled with Laura's beautiful and unique card.

Golden's "Interference" + silkscreen medium produces magical effects

Laura Kinneberg